Bailey Bridge

Bailey Bridge was conceptualized and designed by Sir Donald Bailey, UK in 1941. These bridges were extensively used during the Second World War.The Govt. of India got these designs, drawings and specifications from the Govt. of UK through Transfer of Technology (TOT). The seal-holding authority of these documents is the Controllerate of Quality Assurance (Engineering Equipment) (CQA(EE)), DGQA, Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India.


Features Of Bailey Bridge

Technical Specification

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Classification of Bailey Bridge

Bailey Bridges are classified based on width of carriageway (roadway) 


The construction of a Bailey Bridge is determined based on the load class. Based on the load classes, suitable constructions are determined as per the following Load-vs-Span nomograms.

Table-1 : Recommended Constructions For Steel Deck STANDARD WIDTH Bailey Type Expandable Bridges

Table-2 : Recommended Constructions For Steel Deck EXTRA WIDE Bailey Type Expandable Bridges

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